Apple Dust


One of the top new stories in the tech world lately has been the launch of the iPhone 5c and 5s.  Many of us have updated our mobile devices to iOS 7.  I haven’t upgraded my phone yet because with the update I feel like I already own a new one.  I was excited for the update and I enjoyed exploring my devices afterwards.  Several years ago, I would have never thought I would even care.  I used to make fun of the iPhone commercials that said “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone”.  I responded by saying yep, I sure don’t and I never will.  Now here I am typing on a MacBook Air with an iPhone beside me and an iPad at home.  Oh brother.  I used to have a simple cell phone, no smart plan, and a desktop.  You may be wondering why I am bringing this up.


We hear so many negative things about technology:  how it affects our attention span, takes all of our time, causes stress (you should have seen me when I first set up my Mac) and is costly of course.  I want to write about the good things it has done for me.

First of all, being a full time caregiver of two adult sons, I am home a lot.  I have been out of the career field for some time and do not have much of a social life.  I used to think Facebook was stupid and at certain moments I still do (some things people share are ridiculous), but it keeps me in touch with what everyone is doing and sadly is the only way I can get a hold of some people.  Same thing with Twitter.  I used to ask myself why I would want to know what people are doing every minute of the day.  I found that it keeps me up to speed on the news and on the things I am interested in and passionate about.  Secondly, it is difficult for the boys and I to go out and buy everything we need so I order an absolute ton of stuff from Amazon.  Lastly, technology brought me to blogging.  My goal which I am sharing with you is that I want to blog more frequently, even short bursts, hopefully daily.  I have been able to read other people’s blogs, which has inspired me to reach for my dreams even if they are far off for now.  We do the best we can with what we have and yes, as my husband has been accusing me of, I have snorted the Apple dust.

Author: lhaney

Mother of 2 great boys, full time caregiver, and wife. I enjoy reading, photography and music.

2 thoughts on “Apple Dust”

  1. Oh my, we are a pair! I (seriously) could have written a fair portion of this blog entry. …and I too have heard the same “snorting Apple dust”. Interesting that I had given it all up before starting my own businesses (2), my parents hated not being able to get a hold of me and that was what brought me back into the ‘digital world’. Enjoying your blog!

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