Special birthdays

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Today, my mother-in-law, Faith, would have been 60.  Sadly, we lost her in 2011.  She was not your typical mother-in-law.  I always thought of her as my friend.  Never did she make me feel bad for who I am, she never criticized me and she was always honest.  In 1998, she flew from Kentucky to Montana to visit and we spent a lot of time together – going to lunch, shopping, talking and we dressed up to go out for dinner because it was her son’s birthday.  I cried when she left.  Unfortunately from living so far away, we were not able to visit as much as we liked to but she always called about once a month to have a nice chat with my husband.  We didn’t talk on the phone much but we did write letters.  I have the last letter she wrote to us and I will always keep it.  When we were able to visit, it was like picking up where we left off before.  On one of the last trips over to Kentucky, she gave me her mother’s ring.  I will cherish it always.

Even though she is gone and we miss her everyday, I know Faith is smiling down on us and keeping an eye on her grandchildren.  I also know that if she were here, she would still take my side when Dave and I disagree.  I love you Faith and miss you so much!


Today is also my late grandfather’s birthday.  Everyone called him Pete.  Grandpa enjoyed visiting with people and drinking coffee (poison as he called it).  He also owned a huge, I mean huge garden that my sister and I spent many a summer day picking vegetables and eating them to our hearts content, dirt and all.  He also liked going out to his claim in the mountains.

What I miss most about him is his laugh.  It was explosive.  My husband enjoyed hearing him tell some of his stories from when he was in the Navy.  I only remember 2 times in my entire life that my grandpa was ever mad.  Once was when I lost a watch that he gave me for my birthday and the other was when I was a rotten, rebellious teenager.  Boy did I deserve it and more!

Grandpa took my sister, Sherry, and I to church every Sunday and out to lunch afterwards.  We would eat at either the Snow White Cafe or Woolworths.  There were not very many Sundays that we didn’t go.  I am forever grateful for everything my grandpa did for me and for everything that he was.  I love and miss you Grandpa!

Today is the birthday of two wonderful people who I have been blessed to have in my life.  I love you Faith and Grandpa and I know you are at peace.

Author: lhaney

Mother of 2 great boys, full time caregiver, and wife. I enjoy reading, photography and music.

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